Braewood Office

Hours: Mon-thru Fri 8a-4p

Closed Noon-1p (Lunch)

3570 Braewood Dr 89121

Ph: 702-733-6615

Fax: 702-733-0997


Taylor Assn/Mgt

Braewood Heritage Association

C/O Taylor Association Mgt

259 N. Pecos Rd., Suite 100

Henderson, NV 89074


Lori Brenner


Asst Manager:

Tina Gianini


Andrew Flores

Accounts Receivable:

Lyssa Montoya

Emergency Numbers

Police Emergency: 911

Police Non-Emergency: 311

Sprinkler Emergency

Showcase Landcare: 702-531-6789

Helpful Numbers

LV Water District: 702-870-4194

NV Power: 702-402-5555

SW Gas: 702-365-1111

Century Link: 1-800-786-6272

Republic Service: 702-735-5151

Cox Cable: 702-383-4000

Animal Control: 702-455-7710

Shopping Cart Pickup: 1-800-252-4613


Braewood Residential Survey

? FAQ ?

How much is the monthly assessment?

$195- /month

What forms of payment are accepted?

Checks and Money Orders, No Cash

When are Assessments due?

1st of each month. After the 15th a late fee is assessed.

How much is the Breaewood late Fee?


How do I log in to my Taylor Association Account?

Please contact Taylor Mgt Accounting Dept for the log in assistance: