August Agenda


1. Establish Quorum/Call to Order/ Introduction of Board Members and Management

2. Homeowner Open Forum – Homeowners are permitted to speak (3 minute limit) to the Board at this time regarding

Items on the agenda ONLY per NRS116.

From this point on, per NRS116, no additional discussion with the Board is permitted until the last Homeowner Open Forum

3. Approval of Minutes Action Required: Review/Motion

a. June 14, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

4. Financial Review Action Required: Review/Motion

a. Acceptance of June 2016 financials

b. Treasurers Report

5. Unfinished Business Action Required: Review/Motion

a. Approve Reserve Study

6. New Business Action Required: Review/Motion

a. Homeowner Concerns

b. Status Report Community Landscaping

c. 2016 Compliance/Violation Policy

d. 2016 Assessment Collection Policy

e. Landscape Bid

f. Lighting Bid

g. Rock Replenishment Bid

h. Answering Service

7. Committee Reports Action Required: Review/Motion/ Discussion a. Architectural

b. Social Committee

c. Streets/Wrought Iron

d. Landscape Update

c. Pools/Spa/Special Projects

f. Finance

8. Second Homeowner Open Forum – Homeowners are permitted to speak (3 minute limit) to the Board at this time but

are asked to limit their concerns to three (3) minutes.

9. Next Meeting scheduled for: September 13, 2016

10. Adjourn Meeting

Executive Session will be held August 8, 2016

In accordance with NRS116.3108, the above agenda shall serve as notice of the Board of Directors meeting for the Braewood Heritage Association. Upon approval of the minutes by the Board of Directors, homeowners are permitted to receive a copy of the audio recording of the meeting, the minutes or a summary of the minutes in electronic format at no charge to the homeowner, or in paper format at a cost not to exceed $.25 per page of the first ten pages and $.10 per page thereafter. Homeowners are permitted to speak to the Executive Board, unless the Executive Board is meeting in Executive Session. The agenda provides for Homeowner Open Forum; please reserve your comments for that portion of the meeting.