Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Community Clubhouse, 3570 Braewood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Tuesday, June 14th, at 6:00 p.m.


Alvin Wartman, Jr., VP

Carole Steinbeck, Secretary

Kathy Forsberg, Treasurer

Fred Lavallee, Director

Robert Friedrichs, Director

Arthur Smallwood, Director




A quorum was established and Jean Hill called the meeting to order at 6:01p.m.




A Motion was made by Jean Hill to approve the Minutes from the May 10th meeting and it was seconded by Kathy Forsberg. Motion Unanimous.


Kathy Forsberg read the financial statement concerning Mutual of Omaha Bank, our Operating account, and the statement of funds for the Reserve account in Merrill Lynch – Wealth Management. Jean Hill made a Motion to accept the Financial Report. Robert Friedrichs seconded the Motion. Motion was Approved Unanimously.


Kathy Forsberg stated that the 2015 Audit was approved and we are awaiting the final numbers.

VI . NEW BUSINESS Action May be Taken

A. Fred Lavallee spoke with the Reserve specialist about some concerns he had with the numbers which the specialist ran. The Board will meet again to discuss some of these issues and then give the final approval on the Reserve Study.

B. The Election Resolution was explained by Al Wartman to the homeowners and how it was a formality of the NRS 116 and in the best interest of the community. A motion was made by Jean Hill and seconded by Kathy Forsberg to enact this Resolution for the community. Motion was Unanimous.

C. A new paint sprayer was voted upon and the Titan Sprayer was chosen. Motion by Al Wartman and Seconded by Kathy Forsberg. Motion was Passed with one “No” vote by Art Smallwood.

D. Art Smallwood stated that there was currently no news on the street repairs.

E. Robert Friedrichs gave a report on the landscaping projects currently being conducted and the

Landscaping Master Plan. The committee is sticking to the Zunino Plan with a few variations and has turned their attention to section L7. No provisions for the front gated area have been submitted. The committee met June 9th and reviewed their May 2nd notes. Information was given to them on CDs and hard copy for their inspection. SNWD will be here on June 15th to inspect the areas of concern and discuss the rebate with Braewood can receive for further work. More information will be forthcoming in the August Board Meeting.

Requests for proposals and bids will be mailed to vendors for the completion of the project for 2016. Motion was made by Robert Friedrichs and seconded by Carole Steinbeck. Motion Unanimous.

F. The swimming pools are of a great concern stated Robert Friedrichs. There has been destruction and illegal activities in our pool areas: running and jumping in pools, pulling up the filtration cap and tossing it into the bushes, chairs thrown into the pools, animals in the pool areas, unsupervised children in the pool areas, breakage of light fixtures, and glass containers being used in the pool areas. The Board is considering closing the pools from 10pm until 5am. Other ideas have been to charge more for the usage of the pools when the club house is rented or not allow residents from the club house rental to use the pool. More research and thought will be required to resolve this issue.


A. ARCHITECTURE: the Architectural Committee has approved the following residences for their Architectural changes:

1. 3646 Townsend – Patio to be installed

2. 3224 Ludlow – Door installation

Under Architecture, Al Wartman brought up the Shingles issue. He stated that the Board was considering hiring an engineer to give us information regarding Nevada Contraction Laws and our current dilemma with the shingles. Since the engineer contacted did give us information – free – it was Motioned by Al Wartman not to accept the engineer’s fee of $1,600.00 and not hire him. The Motion was seconded by Robert Friedrichs. Motion was Unanimous.


Fred Lavallee spoke about the coming Father’s Day Breakfast on Saturday, June 19th at 10AM.

He also spoke of the Fourth of July BBQ starting on July 4th at 6PM. Tickets can be purchased in the office.

Mickee Foster reminded the homeowners of the June 25th event for the Wounded Warriors and Veterans Projects. It will be a wine and cheese get together and seeks donations. All are invited.

C. ROADS AND CONCRETE/WROUGHT IRON: Art Smallwood spoke concerning the various sidewalks which need to be repaired as to trip hazards. Art Smallwood drove the property in the golf cart and Kathy Forsberg and Al Wartman walked the sidewalks. All were told to take pictures. The office is still awaiting the lists. Sunland Asphalt will again be contacted as to the warrantee on the community streets. Kathy Forsberg and Art Smallwood will take pictures of these areas.

D. FINANCES: Nothing further to report.

E . POOLS/SPA: Nothing further to report.

F. PERSONNEL: Jean Hill stated that a new manager was hired and will start June 27th at a wage of $57,000.00. Braewood pays no benefits and just PTO of 10 days a year plus holidays.

G. LANDSCAPE: Nothing further to report.

VIII. MANAGER’S REPORT - Mickee Foster stated that all that was in the Manager’s Report had already been discussed.


    • Homeowner concerned with the parking issues and was told by Kathy Forsberg that the Board was now going to become more aggressive with residents and guests who violate the Rules and Regulations of Braewood. Tagging and Towing would take effect more predominately.
    • Homeowner suggested that car stickers have embedded gate openers in them so outsiders could not enter the grounds
    • Homeowner suggested the presence of an authority figure and a life guard at the pools
    • Residents were told not to open the gate to anyone that they did not know and to call 911 should any situation begin to unfold which could be potentially dangerous.
    • Homeowner discussed the concrete water protective barriers for landscaping water run-off on Kensbrook which are found nowhere else in the complex
    • Homeowner concerned regarding renters and was told that the owner of the property is held responsible for damages
    • Homeowner upset because Architectural Committee rejected his request to put in white shingles – citing that it was an energy saving device – and that Heritage South had them
    • Homeowner concerned about traffic of rentals and pools and was told that the Board would be ‘cracking down’ on some of the issues now present
    • Homeowner still upset that the issue of trees around his residence were messy and he had to clean off his roof: landscaping still awaiting him to tell them what type of tree he wanted planted instead. Homeowner requested that there be no trees planted there – back to the original way the grounds looked when he first purchased
    • Homeowner complimented manager and is sorry to see her go
    • Homeowner offered his expertise in human relations for handling troublesome people in the pool problems
      • Since there was no other business, Art Smallwood made a Motion to close the meeting and Jean Hill seconded it. Motion was Unanimous.
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