January 10, 2012




January 10th, 2012


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom McCarthy – President/Personnel

Art Smallwood – Vice President – Concrete/Roads

Al Wartman – Courtesy Patrol

Sean Klimek – Treasurer

Bill Shettler - Architecture

Michael Whalum – Pools

Maggie Velez - Lighting/Fencing

Mike Riley - Recreation/CH

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Jean Hill – Secretary/Landscaping

OTHERS PRESENT: Please see attached list of Homeowners in the office file.

Mickee Foster, CMCA Community Manager

An Executive Meeting was held of this date., January 10th, 2012 at 5:30pm in the office. Discussed were issues involving homeowner Hearings, future attorney consultation, and clarification of a unit owner's adherence to pay schedule.


A quorum was established and the meeting was called to order by President Tom McCarthy at 6:00 pm.


  • Homeowner congratulated the Board on doing ‘good work’… he appreciated what the Board was doing for the property
  • Homeowner questioned the problem of the drain holes in the curb and the fact that not all of them drain properly to the street. Some have drains to the rear in the patio and others seem to have been filled in with concrete over the years and are blocked. Homeowner is going to check on this problem.
  • Another homeowner stated that the run-off from his roof flows into the drain and drains out of the back patio


There was much discussion concerning the Minutes of November 8th, 2011. Al Wartman stated that the Minutes were misleading and wanted them amended citing the Landscaping vote where. Motion by Al Wartman and Seconded by Bill Shettler that the Minutes would be accepted as amended. Art Smallwood voted nay; Sean Klimek abstained; Maggie Velez abstained; Tom McCarthy voted aye. Motion Not Passed.

The Minutes of November 15th were accepted. Motion made by Bill Shettler and Seconded by Maggie Velez. Motion Passed.


Sean Klimek discussed the Financials of the past months: sanitation fees have risen greatly and have had to be increased in the Budget for 2012. Sean Klimek expressed his opinion that there are a few of our properties which are in Foreclosure and not ‘pulling their weight’ as to the sanitation issue which is paid by the HOA. A Motion to accept the Financials was made by Mike Whalum and Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion Passed.

Braewood Heritage Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

January 10th, 2012

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The three unfinished business items were reversed.

AVS replacement camera was discussed at length. It was decided to accept the proposed bid from AVS to install a new lens on the camera on the club house which would extend the visual range of this camera to the spa area so that this portion of the pool area would be visually accessible. Motion was made by Maggie Velez and Seconded by Sean Klimek. Motion Passed. Bill Shettler voted Nay.

The second proposal by Maggie Velez was for the video surveillance equipment which would be able to be accessed by the Internet in the office (and possibly others who would have the IP Address.) A Motion was made by Maggie Velez and had no Second. Motion died.

Tom McCarthy gave the gavel to Art Smallwood to Chair the meeting as he, Tom McCarthy, stood in for Jean Hill during the opening of the sealed bids regarding the Landscaping Contract for Braewood – which is up in February. Bids were accepted from Par 3, Gothic Landscaping, Bilmar Landscaping, and El Rancherito. The Bids were opened, the amounts read and discussion ensued. It was decided that El Rancherito would be the selected Landscaper for the next 3 years. Motion by Tom McCarthy and Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion Passed – with the stipulation that Braewood will annually review the services of El Rancherito and the addition of a 30 day –opt out- clause for either signer of the contract.

Art Smallwood again presented his Roads and Concrete bids for Phase IV of his project. He voted to go with RTS, for their final bid of $22,405.00 for the completion of his project. There were 3 bids in the packet, however, even though all three companies were solicited with the same background of materials, their estimates were widely divergent.

Al Wartman expressed his opinion that the bids were not all valid due to various time frames. Sean Klimek expressed his opinion concerning the aspect of ‘over budget’ for the Phases of the work. Art Smallwood countered with the fact of the added curb stone work with was required during the time of the replacement of the sidewalks. Art Smallwood made a motion to accept the RTS bid for $22,405.00 for the completion of Phase IV and Bill Shettler seconded it. There was not a consensus of the Board Members to approve this Motion and the Motion Died. Al Wartman stated that he would work with Art Smallwood on this project and that Art Smallwood had to get at least one more bid. The areas covered by the bid were to be marked out in order that the company had a clearer perimeter of the work. Art Smallwood refused stating that he had done his part and the bids were in.


The Reserve Study for 2012 was next on the agenda, however, 3 bids were requested and only 2 were, as of this date, submitted to Braewood. Additional questions to be asked regarding the reserve study were suggested: advance response to repair situations; inflation rates and market pricing issues and their impact on the 30 year program; and the inclusion of light poles in the next study.

Braewood Heritage Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

January 10th, 2012

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ARCHITECTURAL: Bill Shettler stated that he was still “cranking out the letters” and reminders to people on trash issues, garage doors being left open, improper parking on property, and remodeling issues for homes.

RECREATION/CLUBHOUSE: Mike Riley stated that the Social Committee was scheduled to meet this coming week and a schedule of the Yearly Events would be in the February Newsletter. New volunteers are still needed for this committee.

LANDSCAPING: Jean Hill was absent.

ROADS AND CONCRETE: Art Smallwood stated all that was to be said was said.

LIGHTING AND WROUGHT IRON: Maggie Velez is looking into types of lighting fixtures, the wattage on the fixtures, and the number of poles in the community to appraise the best value for our money.

POOLS/SPA: Mike Whalum is checking the pools for their April 15th opening. The North Pool area putting green will be getting some needed attention as will some of the landscaping there. Bids will be sought for the pool contract which is up in April. Appropriate vendors with clear licenses will be approached for proposals.

PERSONNEL: Tom McCarthy stated all is the same. Any complaints that residents or Board members may have with members of the Staff should be sent to the office and the President, Tom McCarthy will deal with them.

MANAGER’S REPORT: Included, was a Financial evaluation of the present funds and a recap of the monthly Action Report. A yearly calendar schedule was included.


· Homeowner wanted clarification of the sewer billings; their increase due to the Sanitation Department’s increase of fees and that it is included in the monthly HOA fees.

· Homeowner requested clarification on rental of the club house

· Homeowner spoke about the drainage holes into the street for run-off water from their property. It seems that for years the hole was open and now, since some utility companies have worked on their sidewalk, the drainage hole from the roof area to the street has been concreted in – and does not allow water to flow through it. Homeowner is going to keep researching this issue.

· A homeowner questioned the new lens to be placed on the one camera; a question regarding the shrubs he had installed at this residence; and asked if, when the community concretes the sidewalks, handicapped curbing can be installed at various corners.

· A homeowner stated that the drainage from his roof runs into his back yard and drains there instead of to the front of the property and out into the street.


Meeting was Adjourned by a Motion from Mike Riley and Seconded by Mike Whalum. Meeting closed at 7:43PM.


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