February 14, 2012




3570 Braewood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

February 14th, 2012


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom McCarthy – President/Personnel

Art Smallwood – Vice President – Concrete/Roads

Jean Hill – Secretary/Landscaping

Sean Klimek – Treasurer

Michael Whalum – Pools

Al Wartman – Courtesy Patrol

Mike Riley - Recreation/CH

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Bill Shettler - Architecture

Maggie Velez - Lighting/Fencing

OTHERS PRESENT: Please see attached list of Homeowners in the office file.

Mickee Foster, CMCA Community Manager

An Executive Meeting was held of this date., February 14th, 2012 at 5:30pm in the office. Discussed were issues involving homeowner Hearings, future attorney consultation, and clarification of a unit owner's adherence to pay schedule.


A quorum was established and the meeting was called to order by President Tom McCarthy at 6:01pm.


  • Homeowner questioned as to what was happening on the piece of land outside the Mojave Gate.

Some have said that it will be parking lot for the school district. LV Paving working on it.

  • Homeowner concerned regarding residents walking dogs which are not on a leash. Article to be published in newsletter.
  • Manager’s office hours: 9:00am until 5:00pm with time out of office to check on details on property, lunch breaks and assorted legal and banking runs for the community. A sign holder has been installed on the door for signs stating when the office is available to the homeowners and the manager is ‘in’ or ‘off property’.
  • Homeowner suggested ‘spring loaded hinges’ for the gate arms to cut down on their breakage.


The Minutes of January 10th were discussed regarding the conversational structure of the Motion which died on the floor regarding the Landscaping vote. It was decided that since the Motion was Not Passed at that time, and was recorded as such, there was no need to amend the structure of the conversation. Motion to accept the Minutes made by Mike Whalum and Seconded by Jean Hill. Sean Klimek voted Nay, Motion Passed.


Sean Klimek discussed the Financials stating that January was a good month for us financially and we were able to transfer $40,000.00 to the Reserves. Note was made that there are 44 people on our ‘late payments list’ and that they should not be able to access all the benefits that paying member do. The Motion to accept the Financials was made by Al Wartman and Seconded by Jean Hill. Motion Passed.

Braewood Heritage Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

February 14th, 2012

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The Reserve Study for 2012 was next on the agenda and Tom McCarthy opened the 3 sealed bids which were received and read the cost factors for the three biding companies: Browning Reserve Group, Nevada Reserve Studies, Inc, and Complex Solutions, LTD. All provided information as to their methods, computations, costs, and turn-around times. The Complex Solutions’ bid was chosen as to their Level 2 Service at a cost of $1,960.00 with a 7 week turn-around. Motion for acceptance of Complex Solutions was made by Sean Klimek and Seconded by Art Smallwood. Al Wartman questioned why Level 2 as opposed to Level 1 and Sean Klimek responded that we already have a Reserve Study from which they can draw information. The Vote was 7 to 0. Motion Passed.

The question was posed: does the entire community need a new lighting system? Does the Board want to replace the lights in the entire community? Maggie Velez was applauded for her ongoing diligence in checking the needs of the community, listing areas which have to be addressed, and initiating this 3 or more year program until the entire community is upgraded. Other things which the Board wants to look at are: the average heights of the poles (why are some short and others very tall); the amount of light and wattage of the new bulbs; how much money can really be saved; what is the disbursement of the light from a single fixture; what are the cost savings in electricity? The Motion was made by Sean Klimek that we begin analyzing the repairs and replacement costs for this very large project. Jean Hill seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

Art Smallwood requested that one light be placed at the end of his street – where it is extremely dark – to see the benefits of various styles of bulbs and fixtures. There are 78 street light poles in this community and wattage is the main concern in Maggie Velez’s study. All repairs to poles, including concreting and electrical repairs are to be performed by ‘professional electricians’ and not any of our maintenance people. The Board wishes to see the various products before a full-scale project begins. Al Wartman stated that he would assist Maggie Velez in writing the specs.


Mike Whalum presented the Pool Contract Bids. Three bids were obtained: Calavan Pools, Las Vegas Pool Service and Absolute Pool and Spa Service (our current vendor.) The sealed bids were opened by Tom McCarthy and read aloud as to costs and services. It was decided to maintain Absolute Pool and Spa Service for another year’s contract after we receive their Insurance and Pool Certifications – adding Braewood to their policy and a 30 day clause of dismissal by either party in the contract. Mike Whalum made the Motion and Art Smallwood seconded it. Motion Passed.

Sean Klimek wants Braewood to ask the vendors for a 3 – 4% discount for pre-payment on accounts. However since Braewood employs small and local companies, in this economic climb it is difficult for them to comply. We continue to look into this.


ARCHITECTURAL: Bill Shettler was absent.

RECREATION/CLUBHOUSE: Mike Riley stated that the St Patrick’s Day Pot Luck was coming up on Saturday, March 17th at 6:00pm. There would be more information about it in the March newsletter. Corn beef and cabbage, carrots and ‘all the fixins’ would be served. Sign-up sheet is in the office.

Braewood Heritage Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

February 14th, 2012

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LANDSCAPING: Jean Hill stated that the watering schedule was going back to 3 times a week in March: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She also discussed the rise in the water bill costs and more information will be printed in the March Newsletter. The Landscaper will be aerating the grounds in the common areas and residential landscapes and fertilizing the plants and grassy areas for the coming summer season.

There was a landscaping meeting, the date of which, was published in the February Newsletter. Six people came and will be looking into developing designs and ideas for areas on Kensbrook, Twain parking area, and the basketball court section on Haverhill. The designs will then be open for the residents who live in those areas to accept or reject. The Landscaping Committee will have another meeting in 3 weeks or so. Residents are to check the March Newsletter for time and date.

ROADS AND CONCRETE: Art Smallwood stated that he and the committee were working on some ideas and would have them on paper for the next Board Meeting.

LIGHTING AND WROUGHT IRON: Maggie Velez was absent.

POOLS/SPA: Mike Whalum stated that he had completed all of his business earlier in the meeting.

PERSONNEL: Tom McCarthy thanked Marshall Lee (our painter) and Darren Olds (our janitor) for the great job they did on the Club House Kitchen. They installed: 2 cupboards, a new sink, garbage disposal, faucet, and new counter tops; painting some of the cupboards in the process. It looks very nice now.

MANAGER’S REPORT: Manager read a brief Financial evaluation of the present funds and a recap of the monthly Action Report.


· Homeowner asked if the Reserve Study included street lighting and the irrigation system. The irrigation system is included, and the new Reserve Study to be done will include street lighting.

· Homeowner stated that streetlight at 3588 goes off and on – it will be checked.


Meeting was Adjourned by a Motion from Mike Whalum and Seconded by Mike Riley. Motion Passed. Meeting closed at 7:48PM.


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