March 13, 2012




March 13th, 2012

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom McCarthy – President/Personnel

Art Smallwood – Vice President – Concrete/Roads

Sean Klimek - Treasurer

Jean Hill – Secretary/Landscaping

Mike Riley - Recreation/CH

Bill Shettler - Architecture

Mike Riley - Social Committee

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Michael Whalum – Pools

Maggie Velez - Lighting/Fencing

OTHERS PRESENT: Please see attached list of Homeowners in the office file.

Mickee Foster, CMCA Community Manager

An Executive Meeting was not held as of this date, March 13th, 2012.


A quorum was established and the meeting was called to order by President Tom McCarthy at 6:02pm.


Al Wartman presented an Award for Observation and Quick Action, named the Ralph Salerno Award, to Anthony Lorenzo Vera for his observation of the smoke and fire consuming the roof of Mike Whalum’s home at 3350 Southridge. His quick response of telling his Dad, who called the fire department, saved further damage to Mr. Whalum’s roof and possibly the surrounding area.


  • The issue of installing a hitting board for the tennis and the Braewood basketball area was raised by a resident.


After a discussion, it was approved and seconded that the portion in red below was to be deleted from the Minutes of the February 14th, Board Meeting.

The Minutes of January 10th were discussed regarding the conversational structure of the Motion which died on the floor regarding the Landscaping vote. It was decided that since the Motion was Not Passed at that time, and was recorded as such, there was no need to amend the structure of the conversation .

Motion by Al Wartman and Seconded by Jean Hill. Motion Passed.

A Motion was made by Art Smallwood to have Complex Solutions update their liability insurance coverage past their current April 2012 contract. Motion By Art Smallwood and Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion Passed.


The Operating Account transferred ten thousand dollars into the Saving Account on March 1st. The current bank accounts for the Reserve Fund are and will be within the suggested Reserve Limits for the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and starting 2015 for our community. Motion to accept the Financials was made by Sean Klimek and Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion Passed.




Art Smallwood stated his concrete project is stalled and asked the Board for direction in writing within 7 to 10 days of this meeting.

A motion was made to purchase a camera which is a Capitol Improvement, to be installed on the Club House viewing the children’s play ground. Cost is $776.55. After a brief discussion the motion was made by Bill Shettler to not install a camera there. There being no dissenting discussion: Motion Passed.


ARCHITECTURAL: Bill Shettler is currently researching new colors for the residences of Braewood and creating a new color board for the Board of Directors to vote upon. Bill Shettler is also working on the Rental Report for Braewood and will have a report for us at the next monthly Board Meeting.

RECREATION/CLUBHOUSE: Mike Riley stated that the St Patrick’s Day Pot Luck was coming up on Saturday, March 17th at 6:00pm. . To date we have 40 registered, however, many more are expected. Easter is on April 8th and the Easter Egg hunt will start at 2:00pm. The Wine and Cheese Event is on hold currently. The date for this event will be forthcoming.

LANDSCAPING: Jean Hill stated that the watering schedule was going back to 3 times a week starting in March: Monday, Wednesday and Friday The lawns have been aerated and the weed and feed for the lawns will be done within the next 2 weeks. We will be replacing the red gravel over the next months and eventually over the entire property. Trimming of the pine trees at the north pool exterior and the Pecos gate area within the next month. The renovations at the north pool and it’s putting green will cost about $2,500.00 and is a Reserve item.

The Landscaping committee met and walked the Braewood Drive by the basketball court area. When plans and designs are completed, they will be submitted to the Board along with the cost factors.

ROADS AND CONCRETE: Art Smallwood stated that he is awaiting input from the Board of Directors and would like to see this input within 7 to 10 days.

LIGHTING AND WROUGHT IRON: Maggie Velez was absent, however it was reported that Cobra Electric is working on the installation of the lights at the front gate and is still awaiting parts from the distributor for the back gate fixtures. The Board would like to see at least two new light fixtures installed in order that the residents can see them and voice their opinions concerning their effectiveness. One should go in a dark area.

POOLS/SPA: Mike Whalum was absent, however it was announced that our HOA at Braewood would not require any lifts to be installed in our pools because we do not have a public pool and do not rent pool time out to individuals. A letter is forthcoming from our attorney on this. Pools will open April 15th, 2012.

PERSONNEL: Tom McCarthy announced our painter, Marshall Lee’s, new baby girl.

MANAGER’S REPORT: Manager enclosed a basic financial statement and an Action Report in the Board Packet.

A line item in the P&L regarding a $2,500.00 miscellaneous expense was explained to Sean Klimek by the Manager that it was a ‘write off’ for two homeowners: The State of Nevada Foreclosure Laws allow only 9 months back HOA assessments, plus late fees, plus, legal and collection fees. All other excess HOA assessments must be written off. This has been confirmed by our CPA. The debt collection company is paid in full and we receive that which the Nevada Law allows for foreclosures. Regarding this issue, Sean Klimek made a motion to Table the February Financials. The Motion was Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion Passed.


· Homeowner suggests that we take down the poles at the basketball court on Braewood Drive because they are an ‘eye sore’

· Homeowner suggested strongly that the HOA never take Second on any position in debt collection or any other areas

· Homeowner asked that the entire Board get a copy of the check register. He was told that the Treasurer gets one every month and any Board Member can have a copy upon request.

· Homeowner stated that on Calvert Court, a resident put in double French doors and roof access off his bedroom. Another homeowner is uncomfortable that his privacy could be invaded and that the former homeowner could see into other patios and homes. This claim will be researched.


Meeting was Adjourned by a Motion from Bill Shettler and Seconded by Mike Riley. Motion Passed. Meeting closed at 7:51PM.

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