March 2015


March 8th, 2016 Minutes

BRAEWOOD CLUBHOUSE, 3570 Braewood Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121


Alvin Wartman, Jr., VP

Kathy Forsberg, Treasurer

Carole Steinbeck, Secretary

Fred Lavallee, Director

Robert Friedrichs, Director

Arthur Smallwood, Director




A quorum was established and Jean Hill called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.


    • Homeowner concerned with the scheduling of the discussion groups and other meeting being published ahead of time
      • Kathy Forsberg requested an amendment to the Minutes of February 9th, 2016 adding the verbiage: “to require all non-routine and/or emergency spending greater than $500 be approved by the board”. Motion was made by Carole Steinbeck and seconded by Kathy Forsberg. Motion Approved.
      • Kathy Forsberg read the financial statement concerning Mutual of Omaha Bank, our Operating account, and the statement of funds for the Reserve account in Merrill Lynch – Wealth Management. Alvin Wartman made a Motion to accept the Financials and the Motion was Seconded by Robert Friedrichs. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • V. UNFINISHED BUSINESS Action May Be Taken
      • The Lighting Project is being researched and Carole Steinbeck. She has contacted the companies for information: Wright Industry, Discount Lighting, Nevada Illumination so far. There is a call into Valley Lighting also. A representative from Wright Industry came to the property and answered questions regarding brightness of bulbs, changing the bulbs over to LEDs, quality of our present poles, and the installation of 2 samples (which we will pay $75.00 each) for the residents to see. They will be placed in front of the office. Art Smallwood requested that they be placed in a darker area, such as Clandara. Art Smallwood also discussed the cost of trenching new areas for the rewiring of the electrical lines ($100.00 a foot). Carole Steinbeck stated that she is still seeking more information and researching the options open for Braewood. Mrs. Steinbeck requested that this item be Tabled until further research is made. Motion was made by Jean Hill and seconded by Alvin Wartman. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • VI . NEW BUSINESS Action May be Taken
      • None.
      • A. ARCHITECTURE: the Architectural Committee has approved the following residences for their Architectural changes:
      • 1. Door - 3554 Blackstone
      • 2. Door – 3636 Blackstone
      • 3. Door – 3476 Clandara
      • 4. Patio – 3621 Haverhill
      • Braewood Architectural Standards require ANY changes to the front of a residence – areas visible from the street level, be in diagram/picture form and need to be approved by the Braewood Architectural Committee.
      • Alvin Wartman brought forth the issue that Board Members have now met with two attorneys. Last week they met with Mr. Leach and currently the board is awaiting the Draft of a letter from Mr. Leach regarding this issue. To date, however, the Board is in harmony with both legal opinions. The Board is taking no other action at present.
      • B. SOCIAL: Fred Lavelle stated that St Patrick’s Day is being celebrated at the Braewood Club House on March 17th with a Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner for $5.00. Currently we have 59 residents signed up. Our maximum is 64 – so hurry to get a seat.
      • Braewood Social Committee is also collecting candy for the Easter Egg Hunt on March 27th at 1:00pm. Please bring any contributions to the office.
      • The Annual Braewood Yard Sale will be held April 22nd (for Braewood residents only – 5-7pm); 23rd, and 24th for the public 7:30am until 2:30pm.
      • C. ROADS AND CONCRETE/WROUGHT IRON: Art Smallwood stated that he a a resident, Larry Mikesell, were out in the Braewood golf cart measuring damaged sidewalks on our property. He said that he only has $5,000.00 in the repair budge and that will not go too far. Mr. Smallwood described the 3 types of cement used (we would use the lesser trafficked type of cement).
      • D. FINANCES: Kathy Forsberg stated that the Financial Committee was not active at this time. Ms. Forsberg then stated that the Board authorize the movement of $50,000.00 from the Operating Account into the Reserves. This is a completion of the 2015 Board Motion to move these funds. . Kathy Forsberg then Motioned that the transfer be completed and the Motion was seconded by Alvin Wartman. Motion was Unanimous.
      • E . POOLS/SPA: Pools will be opening on April 15th. Work on the pools and spa is completed.
      • F. PERSONNEL: Jean Hill mentioned that our painter, Marshall Lee, will be leaving Braewood and going home to Minnesota with his family. Mrs. Hill thanked all the volunteers who have responded for assisting in the Library, Alvin Wartman and his Mother for all their hard work in the rose garden, and Larry Mikesell for assisting in various projects for Braewood.
      • G. LANDSCAPE: Robert Friedrichs spoke regarding the new landscape drawings which will be available to the residents in the office and on line at our website. There is a lot of grass being left. The Landscape Committee is researching which areas to begin working on. This decision will be reevaluated after the new Reserve Study is performed.
      • The watering schedule is now 3 days a week 9am to 1pm: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday the sprinklers will be off. Fertilization and feeding of the grass and plants will begin on Friday, March 18th and run until March 23rd. Flags will be set on the fertilized areas so that animal owners will know where not to let their pet walk. The fertilization of the lawns, although the labor is included in the Landscaping Contract, Kathy Forsberg requested the Board to vote on payment of this issue. The cost of the product will be $1,650.00. A Motion was made by Jean Hill and Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion was Unanimous.
      • The Olive trees are also in process of being sprayed. Cost for this yearly expense will be $1,210.00. Kathy Forsberg requested that the Board also vote on this. A Motion was made by Fred Lavelle to accept and pay this amount. The Motion was seconded by Al Wartman. Motion was Unanimous.
      • VIII. MANAGER’S REPORT - Mickee Foster stated that all that was in the Manager’s Report had already been discussed.
    • Homeowner suggested that a plaque be placed somewhere in the rose garden for the first manager of Braewood, Mary Ellen Wendricks, for her years of service.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the savings on water with the landscaping on Kensbrook
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the police action with was taken on Royce last month. She attempted to get a report and it was $9.00 for the page. Homeowner decided to let it ride at present and Board agreed.
    • Homeowner requested information on the meeting the Board and residents are having with Merrill Lynch at March 30, at 11:30am
    • Homeowner concerned with dogs being tied up on the front lawn and it being too hot in the summer for the animals
    • Homeowner stated interest in the plan which the Board has for hiring a painter
      • There being no further business to discuss Jean Hill made a Motion to adjourn the meeting and the Motion was Seconded by Carole Steinbeck. Motion Unanimous. Meeting closed at 6:55pm. Next meeting will be April 12th.
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