APRIL 12, 2016


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Community Clubhouse, 3570 Braewood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.


Alvin Wartman, Jr., VP

Kathy Forsberg, Treasurer

Carole Steinbeck, Secretary

Fred Lavallee, Director

Robert Friedrichs, Director

Arthur Smallwood, Director




A quorum was established and Jean Hill called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m.


    • Homeowner concerned regarding the Cypress trees as to which ones will be removed and will they be replaced … and by what?
    • Homeowner concerned about the current ramifications on the shingles issue
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the hiring of the new painter and how much we were going to be paying him
      • Fred Lavallee requested an amendment to the Minutes of March 8th, 2016 stating that a question from the residents was not recorded in the Homeowner Section II. The question was regarding the past Board and their voted increase in the dues for 2016; why was this and what was it for? Motion was made by Kathy Forsberg and seconded by Jean Hill. Minutes were Approved with this correction. Motion Approved.
      • Kathy Forsberg read the financial statement concerning Mutual of Omaha Bank, our Operating account, and the statement of funds for the Reserve account in Merrill Lynch – Wealth Management. Ms. Forsberg reviewed the Merrill Lynch account so far for 2016, citing the deposit from the LVWD, the transfers into the account and the $50,000.00 transfer from Operating into the Reserves for the overage from 2015. Ms. Forsberg also Motioned that the Board Transfer $150,000.00 ($100,000 of the coming CD maturing in May plus the $50,000 transfer) from liquid cash into a 1 year CD. Alvin Wartman seconded the Motion. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • V. UNFINISHED BUSINESS Action May Be Taken
      • The Lighting Project is being researched and Carole Steinbeck. A representative from Wright Industry came to the property and answered questions regarding brightness of bulbs; changing the bulbs over to LEDs, quality of our present poles. Wright installed 2 samples in front of the office on Braewood; we are awaiting the installation of 2 more bulbs by Discount Lighting on Clandara (poles 17 and 19); and 2 samples installed on Southridge (poles 71 and 73).
      • VI . NEW BUSINESS Action May be Taken
      • A. The Reserve Bids were opened and read.
      • B. Italian Cypress Project Bids were opened and read.
      • C. 2015 Audit was discussed and it was decided to research it further.
      • A. ARCHITECTURE: the Architectural Committee has approved the following residences for their Architectural changes:
      • 1. 3554 Blackstone – Bench
      • 2. 3470 Clandara – Door
      • 3. 3646 Townsend – Door
      • Braewood Architectural Standards require ANY changes to the front of a residence – areas visible from the street level, be in diagram/picture form and need to be approved by the Braewood Architectural Committee.
      • B. SOCIAL: Fred Lavelle stated that the Easter Egg Hunt went well with 18 children and about 15 adults. Braewood had so much candy left that 4 bags were donated to Sunrise Hospital. Coming up is the Annual Spring Yard Sale April 22, 23 and 24; Mother’s Day Breakfast (where the men serve); and Father’s Day Breakfast. These events fill up fast!
      • Welcome baskets are being created by the Social Committee for the new move-ins; Susan G. and Pat O. are heading this committee work.
      • A Librarian is needed to work with all the great books we have inherited. All are invited to sign up.
      • C. ROADS AND CONCRETE/WROUGHT IRON: Art Smallwood stated that he and a resident, Larry Mikesell, were out in the Braewood golf cart measuring damaged sidewalks on our property. Mr. Smallwood Motioned for the ability to send out Bids for the work. The Motion was not seconded and Mr. Smallwood rescinded it.
      • D. FINANCES: Kathy Forsberg stated that the Financial Committee will again be activated. The Investments will be evaluated to be sure that all is in compliance with Nevada Law and the FDIC Regulations. The full board will be made aware of all investments.
      • E . POOLS/SPA: Pools will be opening on April 15th. Work on the pools and spa is completed.
      • F. PERSONNEL: Jean Hill mentioned that our painter, Marshall Lee, will be leaving Braewood and going home to Minnesota with his family. Mrs. Hill then stated that the new painter, Robert Stokes, was hired on at $17.00 an hour, a full background check is to be run on the new employee by a third party organization, and will be on a 90 day probationary period. Five candidates applied for the position and the board majority chose Mr. Stokes.
      • G. LANDSCAPE: Jean Hill stated that the watering times are 9am, 12pm, and 2pm. Watering is to be done 3 times a week until May when it can go to 7 days a week. Trees are being trimmed and shrubs are being fed.
      • VIII. MANAGER’S REPORT - Mickee Foster stated that all that was in the Manager’s Report had already been discussed.
    • Homeowner questioned the HOA fee increase – stating that the question had been asked in prior meetings and never recorded in the minutes
    • Homeowner (VP and Treasurer from the prior Board) clarified that the increase was originally placed at $13.00 and then $10.00. The prior Board voted again and the increase was passed at $8.00 – all of the fund increases were to be added to the Reserves for the coming years of work to be performed in Braewood: major street repair, lighting, and Landscaping events would need to be covered.
    • Homeowner concerned with trees impinging his residence and what could be done about them; also more information should be sent out to the community regarding contracts, etc.
    • Homeowner concerned that there are residents on this property who seem to be running a hotel or boarding house and what can be done about it? What was heard from the County?
    • The meeting will reconvene (without closing) on Thursday, April 14th at 2:00pm to open the Bids and decide on the vendors to perform the projects in the New Business portion of the meeting. The Motion was made by Jean Hill and Seconded by Kathy Forsberg. The Motion was Unanimous.
      • The Opened Bids were voted upon.
      • The Bid Amounts for the Cypress Tree Removal Project were read aloud and voted upon.
      • Davey Trees $3,200.00
      • Noble Trees $4,630.00
      • El Rancherito Tree Maintenance $2,700.00
      • Jean Hill made a Motion to accept the El Rancherito Tree Maintenance Bid. Robert Friedrichs Seconded it. Motion was Unanimous.
      • El Rancherito Tree Maintenance was selected for the work: removal of the diseased trees, grinding of the stumps and removal of all debris. A plan is being formulated by the Landscaping Committee for replacement of some of the trees with shrubs and other landscaping designs.
      • The Bid amounts from the Reserve Companies were read aloud and voted upon.
      • Browning Reserve Group $2,300.00
      • Association Reserves, Inc. $6,160.00 plus ongoing for 3 years
      • Nevada Reserve Studies, Inc. $4,675.00
      • Complex Solutions, Ltd. $3,875.00
      • Arthur Smallwood made a Motion to accept the Bid from Nevada Reserve Studies, Inc. Fred Lavelle Seconded it. Motion was Unanimous.
      • The data of the audit by our Auditors, Hilburn and Lein, CPAs, is to be verified. The first draft was received.
      • There being no further business to discuss Art Smallwood made a Motion to adjourn the meeting and the Motion was Seconded by Kathy Forsberg. Motion Unanimous.
      • APPROVED:
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