MAY 2016


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Community Clubhouse, 3570 Braewood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.


Alvin Wartman, Jr., VP

Carole Steinbeck, Secretary

Fred Lavallee, Director

Robert Friedrichs, Director

Arthur Smallwood, Director

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Kathy Forsberg, Treasurer (On Cell Phone)



A quorum was established and Jean Hill called the meeting to order at 6:01p.m.


    • Homeowner concerned about the weeds and the weed barrier on the Kensbrook project.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the trash and beer bottles on Homecrest and the weeds growing there also
    • Homeowner concerned about the trees growing along side of his residence and when is the association going to remove them
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the fertilization of Southridge and other streets in the vicinity during the time that the landscapers were fertilizing. Why were they fertilizing down both sides of the street? She couldn’t walk her dog and the dog has experience illness from what she believed was the fertilizer used at this time of year. The pellets got lodged in the paws of the animal. She was concerned that the warning flags were not up long enough.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the poisonous palm trees in the area of Braewood
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the placing of stickers on vehicles for those residents who live here
    • Homeowners reminded that the Board is looking for residents interested in joining the Landscape Committee
    • Homeowner commended the Board after attending a pre-Board discussion group on their transparency and that the residents could observe how the Board makes decisions
      • Fred Lavallee requested, that the statement he made at the last meeting be reworded to the following: The statement I made at the April executive meeting was "I have not in past nor will I in the future support any action by this board that is inconsistent with any written policies approved by this or any previous board". Please correct the April minutes to include my complete statement. (This has been done.) A Motion was made by Jean Hill to accept the Minutes with corrections. It was seconded by Al Wartman. Motion was Unanimous.
      • Fred Lavalle read the financial statement concerning Mutual of Omaha Bank, our Operating account, and the statement of funds for the Reserve account in Merrill Lynch – Wealth Management. Jean Hill made a Motion to accept the Financial Report. Alvin Wartman seconded the Motion. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • V. UNFINISHED BUSINESS Action May Be Taken
      • The Lighting Project is being researched and Carole Steinbeck. She is working on a 45 day window to obtain Bids in July for the August meeting. The Bids are being requested on light source and on the light fixtures. This project will be Tabled until the August Meeting. A motion was made by Carole Steinbeck and seconded by Jean Hill.
      • VI . NEW BUSINESS Action May be Taken
      • A. The 2015 Audit was discussed and the Treasurer, Kathy Forsberg, stated that she had not yet completed her checking of the Audit. The Board agreed to postpone the vote on the Audit until the June meeting. The Motion was made by Kathy Forsberg and seconded by Al Wartman. Motion was Unanimous.
      • B. The Pool contract was discussed by Robert Friedrichs and the contract with Gator Pools was renewed for 2016. A Motion was made by Jean Hill and Seconded by Al Wartman. Motion was Unanimous.
      • C. The Landscaping Contract with El Rancherito was discussed and as it contained no significant changes since 2015, including the price of the yearly contract, there was a Motion to accept it as it was - made by Robert Friedrichs and seconded by Carole Steinberg. Motion was Unanimous.
      • D. A Reserve Policy was included in the Board packet, however Fred Lavelle stated that he didn’t understand it and the Board should again look over the verbiage contained in the document. A Motion was made to not address this issue at this time by Fred Lavalle and seconded by Al Wartman. The Motion was Unanimous.
      • A. ARCHITECTURE: the Architectural Committee has approved the following residences for their Architectural changes:
      • 1. 3815 Calvert - Driveway
      • 2. 3336 Medina – Window replacement
      • 3. 3554 Blackstone – flag pole and light
      • 4. 3402 Kensbrook - Door
      • Braewood Architectural Standards require ANY changes to the front of a residence – areas visible from the street level, be in diagram/picture form and need to be approved by the Braewood Architectural Committee.
      • The Lighting issue was discussed and Carole Steinbeck reminded the Board that with 80 poles, there was a possibility of a rebate from Nevada Electric of $5,500.00.
      • B. SOCIAL
      • Fred Lavalle spoke about the Mother’s Day Breakfast coming next weekend and the need for volunteers to place flags out on Braewood for Memorial Day. A Breakfast is also being planned for Father’s Day in the Club House in June.
      • C. ROADS AND CONCRETE/WROUGHT IRON: Art Smallwood spoke concerning the various sidewalks which need to be repaired as to trip hazards. Also there are areas of the streets which need to be refinished and since the asphalt company gave us a 2 year warranty of the work, a small committee is going to recheck the areas and speak with Sunland Asphalt. Tony Patire, who had worked on the roads for the last Board was also going to be contacted.
      • D. FINANCES: Al Wartman described that there is a CD coming due in mid May and another in July which the Finance Committee and the Board will have to assess and decided if these should be reinvested. The Treasurer, Kathy Forsberg has requested a hold on all spending.
      • E . POOLS/SPA: A discussion of the pools and the guest to homeowner ratio was discussed. The guests are not allowed in the pool area without the homeowner. Children must be closely monitored and there is no running or jumping into the pools. Glass bottles are not to be in the pool area because if one breaks, the pools have to be closed and drained, cleaned and then filled up again and this is expensive for the community.
      • F. PERSONNEL: Jean Hill stated that there was nothing to currently report.
      • G. LANDSCAPE: Jean Hill discussed the removal of the Cypress Trees in 4 areas of the community. El Rancherito won that Bid and were working on this project. Three of the areas have being cleared of the Cyprus. The entrance gate area presented a small problem and the Board would be dealing with the placement of a resident’s water line.
      • VIII. MANAGER’S REPORT - Mickee Foster stated that all that was in the Manager’s Report had already been discussed.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding transparency of Board and the policies: the $500.00 limit on funds spent by the manager; the unanimity of all board decisions in that each Board member was aware of all action items.
    • Homeowner congratulated the pool vendor and their excellent work at keeping the pools up and running in great condition.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding what is being done regarding the prior board’s ruling on the shingle project and was the present board doing anything on it
    • Homeowner concerned that the landscaper’s work load with the lessoning of grass should impact the payment being received by the landscaper. Discussion ensued that the xeriscaping actually increased the amount of work as opposed to just mowing a lawn.
    • Homeowner concerned that there were 4 signers on all bank accounts and on the Merrill Lynch accounts. Two signers had to sign each check.
    • Homeowner concerned that the cutting down of the Cypress trees impacted the Reserves or was it taken from the Operating account
    • Homeowner concerned that not enough attention was being given to solar lighting instead of LED and new fixtures
    • Homeowner concerned about the summer increasing problems with disruptive residents and guests in the pools
    • Homeowner believed that more residents were come to the Board meetings if it were announced on the easel board placed in front of the club house on the Board Meeting nights.
    • Homeowner concerned that the entire Board was to review all contracts and was this getting done?
    • Homeowner suggested that if a resident saw anything disruptive in the pools to call the police and not get involved.
    • Homeowner wanted to know where he could see the entire Reserve Study. He was told in the office.
    • Homeowner reminded all of the 3 minute rule for speaking
      • Since there was no other business, Art Smallwood made a Motion to close the meeting and Al Wartman seconded it. Motion was Unanimous.
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