April 2015


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Community Clubhouse, 3570 Braewood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 6:00 p.m.


Joe Raba, Secretary

Carl Barbeau – Treasurer

Tony Patire, Director

Carole Steinbeck – Director

MEMBERS ABSENT: Paul S. Baker, President

Randy Carlson - Director



A quorum was established and Mrs. Douglas called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.


    • Homeowner stated that she was moving out of Braewood and wanted to thank all the homeowners and Board for the wonderful experience of living here.
    • Homeowner asked if there were any sealed bids which came in on the street and roads project (no)
    • Homeowner concerned regarding rumors he had heard as to raising of assessments and special assessments. Was told that there is nothing in the works at present.
      • A Review of the March 10th, 2015 Board of Director meeting minutes. Motion to accept Minutes with the correction of the name of Jim Reese to Jeff Reese for the Finance Committee by Carl Barbeau. Motion made to accept Minutes by Tony Patire and Seconded by Carl Barbeau. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • Carl Barbeau read the financial statements concerning the Nevada State Bank (our Operating account), and the statement of funds in the Reserve accounts. Carole Steinbeck made a motion to accept the Financials and the Motion was Seconded by Joe Raba. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • V. UNFINISHED BUSINESS Action May Be Taken
      • Tony Patire reported on the progress of sending out 21 letters to local contractors to evaluate the work required on our streets and requesting them to send us sealed bids by May 2nd. The engineer’s booklet for repairs has been placed on our website for the contractors to review. None have yet to respond.
      • The Pool Decks have been cleaned and resurfaced, shade structures repaired, prepped and painted, pool equipment updated, chairs and tables powered washed, back-flow valves tagged, a new sleeve placed on a north pool railing, and the FOB entrance gates opened for the opening of the pools for 2015 as of April 15th. Everything is on time according to schedule.
      • The Board sent out letters requesting estimates for the painting of the houses in Braewood to ascertain if it would be less expensive to hire a company compared to having our current house painter/ jack of all trades for repairs and maintenance on the property, Marshall Lee. It was learned that the estimates came in stating amounts from $840.00 for a single story to $3,500.00 for a two story. Currently we estimate that it costs our painter $400.00 per house for his time and paint from Home Depot. A Motion was made by Joe Raba to maintain our current painter, Marshall Lee, and the motion was seconded by Tony Patire. Motion was unanimous.
      • The Club House has been experiencing a small ‘face-lift’: new lighting in the kitchen overhead, new energy saving bulbs in the chandeliers for brighter light and we will be getting blinds for the windows on the pool side of the building. The back fence has been moved to form a patio to the rear of the club house and, at a later time, awning shades for this area will be explored. At the May 12th Board Meeting we will be hosting a party with refreshments and nibbles to celebrate the ‘new look’ of our club house.
      • VII. NEW BUSINESS Action May be Taken
      • A. Alice Douglas and Randy Carlson have been researching solar lighting and street lighting for our community. No information at present: Perhaps by the next meeting when Randy Carlson returns.
      • B. The Landscaping Liaisons to the Board, have compiled a Landscape recommendation for the Board which they request will become a Landscape Policy. This Recommendation was read by Joe Raba and discussed. A motion was made by Tony Patire to accept this recommendation as a Policy. The Motion was seconded by Carl Barbeau and the vote was Unanimous to Accept.
      • C. Another Policy which was accepted was an Architectural Policy regarding Rollers on the walls of Braewood. Since the HOA owns the walls surrounding the community, the vote as to not allow any intrusion or installation/attachment of any rollers onto the walls. A motion was made by Tony Patire and Seconded by Carole Steinbeck. This Resolution was adopted Unanimously.
      • D. A Recommendation was made by the Finance Committee and read by Carl Barbeau to be accepted as a Policy. The Motion to accept this recommendation was made by Tony Patire and seconded by Carole Steinbeck. Motion was Unanimous to accept.
      • A. ARCHITECTURE: Alice Douglas: reported on the continuing success in the community with the replacement of the shingles for the residences.
      • B. SOCIAL: Joe Raba discussed the success of the Social Committee’s events: St Patrick’s Day Dinner: the Easter Egg Hunt with the children; the upcoming Spring Yard Sale; the Salsa Party in May as well as the Mother’s Day Breakfast; and the June Father’s Day Subs Party. The Social Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at 10:00am. All are welcome to attend.
      • C. ROADS AND CONCRETE/WROUGHT IRON: Tony Patire stated that all was in his report.
      • D. FINANCES; Carl Barbeau announced that there will be a Finance Meeting in April 21st at 9:00am to discuss investments with guest speakers from Merrill Lynch.
      • E . POOLS/SPA: Pools are open on the 15th, of April.
      • F. PERSONNEL: Paul Baker was absent.
      • G. LANDSCAPE – Joe Raba reported that the cactus garden at Homecrest and Southridge, with desert landscaping is lovely and if anyone hasn’t explored it…. They should. Joe Raba then discussed some of the issues regarding non-productive meetings of the Landscape Committee. Homeowners have been requesting some action forthcoming from this committee as $17,000.00 was paid for plans and various projects to be completed since November 2014. Nothing has been accomplished. A Motion was made that a letter be sent to the Chairpersons of the Landscape Committee stating:
      • The Board requests that the Landscaping Committee submit to them any recommendations they
      • may have regarding the Design Plans for the Braewood Community no later than April 27th, 2015. If none are available, the Board would like the Landscaping Committee to present to them the Design Plans, recommended by the Landscape Architect, in order that they, the Board, may finalize any future decisions.
      • The Landscape Committee is to meet Saturday, April 25th, at 9:30am.
      • IX. MANAGER’S REPORT - Mickee Foster read the Manager’s Report: scanning of the old Minutes is ongoing by John Beach and Carole Steinbeck; pools will be open; residents to be alert for a 5’8” male who is checking to see if cars are locked; residents to make sure their doors and vehicles are locked; residents to have prepared a fire safety plan for their homes.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding break-ins; a discussion regarding being a watchful neighbor and being aware of your neighbors and the neighborhood ensued
    • Homeowners concerned regarding decisions about special assessments
    • Homeowner questioned what ‘roller shades’ were
    • Homeowners gave Marshall Lee a round of applause for all the work he does at Braewood.
      • XI. NEXT BOARD MEETING WILL MEET: Tuesday, May 12, 2015; To be held in the Braewood Heritage Clubhouse at 6:00pm.
      • There being no further business to discuss Tony Patire made a Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00pm. The Motion was Seconded by Joe Raba. Motion Unanimous.
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