May 2015


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Community Clubhouse, 3570 Braewood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 6:00 p.m.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Paul S. Baker, President

Alice Douglas, VP

Joe Raba, Secretary

Carl Barbeau – Treasurer

Tony Patire, Director

Carole Steinbeck – Director

Randy Carlson - Director



A quorum was established and Mr. Baker called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.


    • Homeowner concerned that the Board is contemplating, what he feels, are unnecessary expenditures of the Homeowner’s monies; he is concerned about the retirees and those living in Braewood on fixed incomes
    • Homeowner quite combative, agitated, and aggressive toward the Board regarding expenditures on the streets, shingles, and landscaping issues; Board threatened to call the police; homeowner told Board to ‘shut-up – you work for us’. Finally homeowner left after his 6 minute or so rampage
    • Homeowner stated that his daughter (also a homeowner) lived on an extremely low income and could not afford to do some of the repairs that the Board has authorized and ordered homeowners to perform (repair of shingles by December 1, 2015).
    • Homeowner stated that a few years ago, the raise in the dues was explained as to giving $7.00 of the extra income to repair of the roads – and was this ever done?
      • A Review of the April 14th, 2015 Board of Director meeting minutes. Motion was made by Tony Patire to amend the Landscape Committee report to add that the Motion was made by Joe Raba and seconded by Carole Steinbeck. With this correction of the Minutes, the Motion was made to accept the Minutes as correct. Motion made by Tony Patire and seconded by Carole Steinbeck. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • Carl Barbeau read the financial statements concerning the Nevada State Bank (our Operating account), and the statement of funds in the Reserve accounts. Alice Douglas made a motion to accept the Financials and the Motion was Seconded by Tony Patire. Motion was Approved Unanimously.
      • V. UNFINISHED BUSINESS Action May Be Taken
      • Tony Patire reported on the progress of sending out 21 letters to local contractors to evaluate the work required on our streets and requesting them to send us sealed bids. Three have been received to this date and these three were opened at this meeting.
      • Holbrook Asphalt Co for various options ranging from $ 124,802.81 – $93,645.25.
      • Sunland Asphalt Co for various options ranging from $ 86,081.40 - $52,410.00
      • Ace Asphalt Co $1,007,600.00
      • Paul Baker stated that the Club House has been experiencing a small ‘face-lift’: new lighting in the kitchen overhead, new energy saving bulbs in the chandeliers for brighter light and we will be getting blinds for the windows on the pool side of the building. The back fence has been moved to form a patio to the rear of the club house and, at a later time, awning shades for this area will be explored. A party with refreshments and nibbles to celebrate the ‘new look’ of our club house was held after this meeting.
      • Randy Carlson reported that he is still researching lighting options for the community and will know more by our August Board Meeting.
      • VII. NEW BUSINESS Action May be Taken
      • A. The 2014 Draft for the Audit was submitted by our CPAs, Hilburn and Lien. A Motion to accept this audit was made by Carl Barbeau and Seconded by Alice Douglas. Motion was Unanimous to accept.
      • A. ARCHITECTURE: Alice Douglas: reported on the continuing success in the community with the replacement of the shingles for the residences.
      • B. SOCIAL: Joe Raba discussed the Social Committee’s events: The Salsa Party and the Mother’s Day Breakfast were well attended and successful! Upcoming events are the Father’s Day lunch set for June 21st and the Fourth of July BBQ. Plans are still in the making for these events. The Social Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at 10:00am in the club house. All are welcome to attend.
      • C. ROADS AND CONCRETE/WROUGHT IRON: Tony Patire stated that all was in his report.
      • D. FINANCES; Carl Barbeau announced that there will be a Finance Meeting in June 9th at 9:00am to discuss investments and the Reserves; and extending the CDs to
      • 1 or 2 years. New member to be added to Finance Committee. Finance Committee to publish information in the newsletters to keep homeowners appraised of the Reserve Components.
      • E . POOLS/SPA: Pools are open and ready for summer. Three new tables and umbrellas were added to the patio area outside the club house.
      • F. PERSONNEL: Paul Baker reported all is going smoothly.
      • G. LANDSCAPE: Joe Raba then discussed some of the issues regarding non-productive meetings of the Landscape Committee. Homeowners have been requesting some action forthcoming from this committee as $17,000.00 was paid for plans and various projects to be completed since November 2014. Nothing has been accomplished. A Motion was made at the last meeting and a letter was sent to the Chairpersons of the Landscape Committee requesting the Board be informed as to what direction the committee was taking. The Chairperson of the Landscaping Committee responded.
      • Last year the Committee voted Jean Hill as Board Liaison and Joe Raba as Homeowner representative. However, Joe requested that this be changed to: Joe Raba as Liaison and Jean Hill as Homeowner representative. Joe Raba made a Motion to have this change enacted and Alice Douglas seconded the motion. Motion was Unanimous.
      • The Landscape Committee is to meet Saturday, May 16, 2015.
      • El Rancherito Landscapers will be watering on a 5 day schedule at midnight and at 4:00am. They will not water on Tuesdays, because they mow the lawns nor on Wednesday because that is the day they test the sprinklers.
      • IX. MANAGER’S REPORT - Mickee Foster read the Manager’s Report: warned homeowners to be aware of African Bee nests… it is the season.
    • Homeowner concerned about knowledge of wattage in street lights when this item is explored for the agenda
    • Homeowner concerned about the fence to the pool (it was repaired last week); and the plans for the Landscaping which were placed on the table for this meeting
    • Homeowner concerned about the finances regarding the lighting and poles also the repair of the roads and who will be overseeing the work.
    • Homeowner concerned regarding the deadline for the concrete roof shingles
    • Homeowner stated that a ‘Sgt. Of Arms’ was required for this meeting and perhaps future meetings
    • Homeowner concerned that the side gate near the Jacuzzi area have a padlock (it was already placed last week.)
      • XI. NEXT BOARD MEETING WILL MEET: Tuesday, June 9th, 2015; To be held in the Braewood Heritage Clubhouse at 6:00pm. Joe Raba was asked to cut the ribbon to the new patio area off the Club House. Refreshments will be served after this meeting.
      • There being no further business to discuss Joe Raba made a Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:05pm. The Motion was Seconded by Carl Barbeau. Motion Unanimous.
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